Finally got out to mow the lawn ...

... I had been leaving it thinking I was perhaps mowing it too low as there were patches of yellow, but then the rain decided to come.  Obviously it was needed but it made the lawn grow even more!
I thought I had better take a picture of this plant (Sollya Heterophylla, Bluebell Creeper) that mum gave me, she asked how it was doing and for a while I couldn't think where I had planted it.  It may need a trellis when it gets up a bit.
This is a clematis that was planted between the shed and the Laurel when the Laurel was quite small many years ago, it actually flowered inside the shed last year.
The Lilac is coming along nicely, the flowers are bigger this year.
I think I have over planted this border, will give it a sort out when everything has finished flowering.
The ferns are coming on grand behind the greenhouse.
Now I'm of for a sneaky chocolate cake bar and a cup of tea :)

I'm a useless blogger ...

... I've probably said that many times before on here.  The reason for not blogging regularly just lately is because the Blogger app is not being updated anymore for IOS 10, so although it appears I can edit posts on the app I cannot compose new ones, when I try it just crashes out.  Not the end of the world as I can create new posts on a PC but it is so much easier when your photos are on your phone or tablet to work on them.  You'll all probably agree that it is much better sitting with a tablet on your knee and meandering around apps than to boot up a PC and sit in front of that for hours on end, especially when 7 hours of your working day are spent staring at a screen.

Garden update May 2017

I'm loving these Anenomes, and luckily the slugs have left them alone
I have several Tulips but this one is a favourite
Top flower bed is coming on canny too

Garden update at end of 2016

I went out the other day to tidy up the garden, picking up leaves and turning the soil over, pruning fuchsias and a couple of other plants.  I probably won't get out much until spring now as just having lawn to walk on doesn't do it any good when it is very wet.
It looks like I might have to edit the photos of the garden in tomorrow when on a pc.  The blogger app no longer works on my two mobile devices and Google wants me to use its Photo Auto Backup - not keen, I'm not one for giving third parties access to all my stuff.



Flowers currently blooming


Garden update 08 February 2016

Called at Thinford Nurseries and bought 4 types of potatoe sets, 2 types of earlies, 1 2nd early and 1 main.  I got 5 of each to plant in bags as we find this the easiest way to grow and harvest them.  They are currently sitting in a box in the spare bedroom, the only cool light place I can think of to chit them.
I also bought 4 bags of vegetable compost and another slimline water butt to empty excess water from big one collecting water off the shed.  You watch the rain will start to ease off now and I won't get much more to transfer; but that is what I want, less rain so I feel more inclined to get out and do some actual gardening.